What is useContext hook in React?

What is useContext hook in React?

The useContext hook in React is a way for a functional component to access the context of a parent component, without the need to pass the context down through props at every level of the component tree. This can be particularly useful in cases where you have a deeply nested component structure and you want to avoid prop drilling, which is the process of passing props down through multiple levels of components just to access them in a lower-level component.

To use the useContext hook, you first need to create a context object using the React.createContext function. This function takes in an optional default value for the context, which will be used if the context has not been set by a parent component. Here's an example of how to create a context object:

const MyContext = React.createContext();

Next, you'll need to wrap a parent component with the MyContext.Provider component, which allows you to pass a value prop to the context object. This value prop will be the context value that will be made available to all child components that are wrapped in the MyContext.Consumer component or that use the useContext hook. Here's an example of how to use the MyContext.Provider component:

<MyContext.Provider value={someValue}>
  <MyParentComponent />

To access the context value in a child component, you can either use the useContext hook or wrap the child component with the MyContext.Consumer component. Here's an example of how to use the useContext hook:

import { useContext } from 'react';

function MyChildComponent() {
  const contextValue = useContext(MyContext);
  return <div>{contextValue}</div>;

Here's an example of how to use the MyContext.Consumer component:

import { MyContext } from './MyContext';

function MyChildComponent() {
  return (
      {contextValue => <div>{contextValue}</div>}

It's important to note that the useContext hook only works with functional components, and it's not possible to use it with class-based components.

In summary, the useContext hook is a useful tool in React for allowing functional components to access the context of a parent component without the need for prop drilling. It's a simple and convenient way to share state and data throughout your component tree, and it can help make your code more organized and maintainable.

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